Eureka Publishing Announces
The ULTRADATA Encyclopedia

Wednesday 19 August 1998

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA — Eureka Electronic Publishing, Inc. (Eureka Publishing) today announced the publication of The ultradata Encyclopedia, a single repository that contains all of the documentation for the software of ultradata (Pleasanton, California; nasdaq: ultd), a company that provides information management solutions for relationship-oriented financial institutions. The ultradata Encyclopedia is a corporate documentation encyclopedia that can be used by both internal and external clients. It is delivered on cd-rom with updates available over the Internet.  It can be used on intranets as well.

ultradata develops, markets and supports: ultrafis® an advanced information management engine, the Financial Services Suite of information management modules and the Ultra-Access® suite of remote banking products.

ultradata had a need to consolidate, centralize and make more efficient and methodic the delivery of their documentation. Eureka Publishing consulted with ultradata and helped them save time and money by automating some of the processing for The ultradata Encyclopedia.

More than 700 files totaling approximately 20,000 pages were processed for use in The ultradata Encyclopedia.  The files were created in Adobe FrameMaker.  Through a variety of routines written by Eureka Publishing, the FrameMaker files were processed and special PDFMark codes inserted into the FrameMaker files.  These modified files were then processed through Adobe Distiller to create a fully-linked, complete Encyclopedia in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files.  The automation allows the files to be updated and then reprocessed quickly, saving ultradata hundreds of hours and allowing more frequent updates at less cost.

The Encyclopedia is also available through the company’s existing online help system.  “The Encyclopedia has been helping to reduce case load, foster client self-reliance, and help us sell to new clients and retain existing clients as it is superior to our competitors’ tools” said Michael Seaman, Manager of Documentation at ultradata.

“Our development team helped ultradata handle its large quantities of interrelated documents in a manner that saves them time every time it is used — whether the Encyclopedia is used by an internal ultradata employee or a customer,” said Steve Mathias, Director of Development at Eureka Publishing.

Eureka Publishing is an award-winning electronic publishing firm that specializes in commercial and corporate publishing of information assets on the Internet/intranets, cd-rom, lans/wans, diskettes, and paper.

ultrafis and Ultra-Access are trademarks of ultradata, Inc.

For more information, please contact Eureka Electronic Publishing, Inc., Post Office Box 57349, Sherman Oaks, California  91413-2349, tel 818/789-0269, fax 818/789-2647, email:, World Wide Web:

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