New “Clickpub” Web Publishing Standard Adopted
for Application Service Provider (ASP) Delivery

Full Integration Between Best-of-Breed Vendors

Wednesday 7 June  2000

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA — A group of leading suppliers to the publishing industry today announced support for a new standard in technology platforms. Called “Clickpub”, the standard specifies integration of Web front-end systems, such as content management and e-commerce, with back-end systems, such as periodical fulfillment.

Until now, there has been no agreement on how to integrate legacy systems used in the publishing industry with the latest tools in rich Web functionality.

“This is the dawn of the third phase in Web publishing technology,” said Mark Mathias, president of EurekaDIGITAL, one of the initiators of the standard. “The first phase was brochureware. The second brought robust content management, personalization and e-commerce. This new third phase ties all these functions to the legacy systems publishers rely on to produce the bulk of their offline revenues.”

Standards committee for the new technology platform consisted of representatives from key suppliers: fulfillment software vendor Datasystem Solutions (Shawnee Mission, KS), wireless data and systems integrator EurekaDIGITAL (Burbank, CA), and leading publishing-industry application service provider APDI (Camp Springs, MD).

“We’re enabling publishers of all sizes to meld best-of-breed applications while maintaining the unique business rules that define each publisher’s business,” said Tim Baskerville, chair of Clickpub Alliance, the new organization formed to administer the standard.

Said Baskerville: “We embrace the building-block standards that have powered Web publishing integration thus far, from XML to ODBC. Now we want to take interoperability the final mile with Clickpub.”

The Clickpub steering committee also announced support for Connectpub, middleware that provides a bridge to applications that do not inherently interoperate with Clickpub in their “out of the box” configuration.

Although Clickpub-compatible modules are available from vendors on both a turnkey and remote-hosting model, the maximum functionality of all systems is enhanced by using an application service provider (“rent an app”) vendor certified as Clickpub-compliant.

In announcing the standard, the Clickpub Alliance listed the initial group of applications that are being made interoperable, either directly or through middleware:

Data Finds You (APDI), EurekaNET (EurekaDIGITAL), Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Largo (APDI), Multipub (Datasystem Solutions), Navigator (Netscape), NetVerify (CyberCash), Portable Document Format (Adobe), PostalSoft (FirstLogic), Subscription Fulfillment System (ARGI), Transact (Open Market).

The Clickpub Alliance endorsed the standard to, in its words, “jumpstart a new era in Web infrastructure development.” Because vendors supporting the standard already serve thousands of publishers with complementary applications, Clickpub is expected to be adopted quickly by publishers of magazines, newsletters, books, reports, documents and other formats.

Clickpub addresses the need to tie together web site design, personalization, search, e-mail messaging, content management, digital and non-digital delivery, subscription tracking, pay-per-article and special bundling, split-pricing, promotion-tracking, legacy fullfillment systems, accounting and reporting.

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  Jodi Romano-Besket

Clickpub Alliance
15165 Ventura Blvd., Suite 310
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 461 9660 ext. 203


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