EurekaDIGITAL Executive Kim Mathias
Joins IVCLA Board

Monday 4 September  2000

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA EurekaDIGITAL, a world renowned, end-to-end web solutions company, announced that Vice President Kim Mathias has been appointed to the board of the IVCLA (International Visitors Council of Los Angeles).  IVCLA is a nonpartisan, nonprofit volunteer organization that arranges professional programs and cultural visits for emerging international leaders. Members of IVCLA are globally minded volunteers who arrange local cultural and business events for international visitors.  Former participants in the International Visitors Program include such prominent international leaders as Anthony C.L. Blair (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) and Kim DaeJung (President of Korea).

Mathias’ appointment, effective immediately, tasks her with evangelizing IVCLA’s message to corporate heads and business owners in Los Angeles.  As one of the founders of EurekaDIGITAL, Ms. Mathias is no stranger to the corporate community and is excited about contributing to IVCLA’s success. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with many corporate leaders in Los Angeles and I am confident that every one of them will want to be involved with IVCLA.  To be an effective business leader you must understand the global community.”

Mathias’ own business experience makes her uniquely qualified to promote IVCLA’s mission. “EurekaDIGITAL has clients all over the world…Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, as well as in the United States.  Even before my husband [Mark Mathias] and I launched Eureka, we spent a lot of time traveling and immersing ourselves in other cultures and business practices.  Experiencing people in the context of their culture and community is key to better understanding and communication.”  Mathias has lived in Japan, Belgium and Canada.

IVCLA Board President Hassan Shirazi, Vice President with Citibank, is pleased to welcome Mathias to the board. “Her experience and enthusiasm for international relations will assist us in our mission to increase international understanding and cooperation. By serving as a director she will be a valuable addition in furthering the important work of this organization, which also broadens our community’s understanding of the peoples of the world.”

The ongoing efforts of the IVCLA promote respect, understanding and cooperation between the United States and peoples of other nations.  Through an open exchange of ideas with individuals in a relaxed environment, emerging world leaders get first-hand experience of the United States.

For more information on IVCLA, contact Janet Elliott, Executive Director at 213-622-6835 or email her at  Visit the IVCLA Web page at

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